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Evolution is an inevitable part of life and usually occurs through time, experience and advancement.

Alternative Incentive Marketing (AIM) is a new industry focusing on putting the most important person in control…YOU!

The idea behind this new concept is simple. When faced with a crossroads or barrier, doesn’t everyone want alternative options, possibilities and routes to ensure they can reach their goals and desired destinations? We certainly believe so; but oftentimes that requires being somewhat rebellious, meaning going against the norm. If something isn’t working or can be dramatically improved, why not become innovative and shift directions to create something better, fresher and more of what many people are looking for?

Alternative Incentive Marketing gives everyone the chance to have an advanced alternative plan that includes security, stability and control, even during the most challenging of times. Control leads to freedom of choice and freedom of how you ultimately want to live your life. AIM for what you deserve!

While we saw this as a predictable and foreseeable trend, many people tend to fight or ignore the time for change; and that’s ok, because that’s where vision meets opportunity.

Over the years, the multilevel/network marketing and direct selling industry has generated billions of dollars in revenue for companies, while providing part-time incomes for many, and even financial independence for others. However, there has been a clear shift in the market and peoples’ desire for what they want to do and how they want to spend their time, both personally and professionally.

While there are still millions of people who like the potential of what a networking marketing opportunity can offer them, those same people are tired of the 50-year-old compensation plans, qualifications, purchasing requirements, business meetings and overall stress and pressure that is typically associated with these companies.

So at The Feel Great Company, we have what we call “revolution for evolution”. Similarly, for as long as any of us can remember, there were only taxi cabs and car services; but then there was a revolution for evolution, and now there is Uber and Lyft.

For the millions of people whose focus is freedom and flexibility, The Feel Great Company is offering a fresh, new, innovative approach with the aim of providing control over their time, income and life.

There are absolutely no startup costs, quotas, monthly qualifications and we don’t even require the recruitment of others or meetings to conduct or attend, if that’s the choice you make. AIM puts you in total control and allows you to reap the benefits of whatever you personally deem as success.

Welcome to the revolution of evolution and the birth of Alternative Incentive Marketing!

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