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Cancellation Policy

Cancelling Loyalty Reward Order


1. Cancel Online


You can login to your The Feel Great Company account and cancel your Loyalty Reward Orderwithout needing to contact your Runner or contacting the company.


2. Cancel with your Runner


To cancel The Feel Great Company Runner, contact your Runner who will be able to cancel your Runner Loyalty Reward Orderfor you.


3. Cancel Loyalty Reward Orderby Email


Loyalty Reward OrderOrders and Subscriptions be cancelled at any time by submitting a written notice at least five (5) business days prior to the next scheduled processing date.  To cancel an Loyalty Reward OrderOrder or Subscription, submit a completed Loyalty Reward Order/ Subscription Cancellation Form via email to support@feelgreatcompany.com


4. Cancel The Feel Great Company Loyalty Reward Orderby Phone


Call The Feel Great Company Support at 770-558-3165


Runner's Right of Rescission


The Feel Great Company requires its Runners to adhere to any country, state or local laws or regulations pertaining to consumers’ cancellation rights.  In the United States, Distributors must adhere to the federal “cooling off” rule, which is codified as Title 16 CFR Part 429.


Upon cancellation, the Runner continues to be bound by the confidentiality and non-compete sections of the Runner Agreement shown below.


Runner acknowledges and agrees that all information concerning The Feel Great Company Runner(s) (hereinafter known as “Confidential Information”) is of great value to The Feel Great Company .


Runner agrees not to disclose any Confidential Information to any person except as expressly authorized byThe Feel Great Company  in writing and shall not use Confidential Information for any purpose other than the performance of Runner’s functions and duties as a The Feel Great Company Runner.


Runner further agrees that, during the life of this Agreement and for a period of 18 months from and after cancellation or termination hereof, he or she shall not, directly or indirectly, solicit, recommend, suggest or induce any The Feel Great Company  Customer or Runner to become a Customer of or representative for any person or entity other than The Feel Great Company engaged in the business of marketing or selling product(s) or service(s) by means of any direct sales or network marketing. 


Reapplying after Cancellation After cancelling their Runner Agreement, the former Runner may not have any purchasing activity one year from the date of cancellation before submitting another Runner Application & Agreement

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