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We built this company for you, our customer, and you, our Runner, in order to benefit from our products and services and introduce them to others.

 What Are Your Feel Great Moments?


When starting the Feel Great Company, one of the most important topics we discussed was what kind of impact were we going to have on society, the planet and especially young people?

While there are so many great causes, charities and organizations to support, at the Feel Great Company we have decided to create the Feel Great Moments Foundation, which has two main platforms.

One, we focus on the issue or concerns at hand.

We determine who or what needs our help and we get involved in providing a Feel Great Moment to an individual, group or organization.

That could be fulfilling a wish, rolling up our sleeves and lending a helping hand or making a significant donation.

The sky's the limit and nothing will be considered impossible!

The second is a lifelong goal and dream of Co-Founder, Gregg Amerman.

It stems from his time as a social worker and his work as a camp counselor.

He’s never forgotten the misfortune and adversity he witnessed young people having to endure through no fault of their own and how he hoped to give them a different perspective and view of the way life can be once they could control the decisions and factors that determine their future.

Gregg believes his greatest contribution will come from providing an experience for young people by showing them what’s possible.

So one day, The Feel Great Company will open The Feel Great Camp For Life.

A sleepaway camp where, each summer, 400+ specially selected kids from across the country, ranging from ages 8 to 16, get to attend a full summer of incredible activities.

These activities will range from sports, entertainment, water adventures to trips and so much more, while also benefiting from personal coaching, education and mentoring.

We understand that there are many people in this world with limited opportunities and resources, and it’s our goal to provide those youngsters who ordinarily may never have the chance to attend a beautiful, safe and cool environment with facilities and coaching, to be able to gain a life-changing Feel Great experience.

Gregg has always said, “Once a young person is exposed to a different picture of what could be, they have a better chance of making what will be”.

We hope you will join us in making this possibility a reality!

We understand that developing a camp of this magnitude will take some time along with considerable finances and resources; therefore, we also have an initiative that will begin immediately called School of Life.

This is a one-day program that provides powerful and essential lessons to young people on financial and credit literacy, social media etiquette and safeguards, high level communication skills, personal growth and self development, as well as guide them in developing emotional and mental strength, which will deliver an impact that subsequently leads to belief and confidence in themselves.


These programs are exciting, fun and entertaining and each youngster will leave motivated, enlightened and Feel Great that they attended.

The School of Life event is FREE and will be hosted around the country, providing the lessons of life that many young people don’t get in school, or even at home.

While The Feel Great Moments Foundation will encourage individuals, families, organizations and corporations to donate and contribute to the work we are pursuing, we as a company will be donating ourselves.

Each time a Runner or anyone registers for one of our training programs or events, 2½% of the registration fee will be automatically dedicated to The Feel Great Moments Foundation.



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