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 As told by one of our Founders, Gregg Amerman:

It’s hard to believe Frenita, Joe and I are Founders of the amazing, innovative, fun and exciting Feel Great Company. I say that, not because we’re incompetent or incapable but, because in the many years we’ve all known each other, we’ve always stayed in our “lane”, our area of expertise. None of us has ever had the corporate mindset, knowhow or experience to operate a huge global product distribution company. Sure, we’ve started training and event companies together that have done very well; and we’ve been extremely successful building sales teams within other network marketing and direct selling companies. But this venture, or adventure as I like to say, was far and above anything we have ever undertaken.

So, what changed and why now?

Here is a very long story short, and as you get to know us, I’m sure you’ll get all the hilarious roller coaster, ride-of-a-lifetime details. Frenita, Joe and I all come from different places with different backgrounds, yet we all found a way to come together as one cohesive team.

Joe is from Salisbury, MA and I’m from Queens, NY. Funny part is, we met in sunny California, where Joe moved and discovered his first network marketing company. Fortunately, I found that same company. Basically, we were two young men who were totally clueless; yet full of enthusiasm and so open to learning, growing and achieving success. We hit it off immediately upon meeting. We were both easygoing, fun, passionate, quick-witted, loved being around people and making them laugh and, most importantly, just real. While we certainly weren’t perfect angels, we always had the heart and intentions for doing what was right, fair and common sense.

It was at this company that I also met another person who would eventually become an integral part of my life, both personally and professionally…my future wife, Frenita. When I met Frenita, she was at a crossroads in her life. She had always dreamed of becoming a movie star and, after enjoying some success in Hollywood, she experienced an abrupt halt to her newfound career when she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her thyroid. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her vocal cord was severed during the surgery to remove it and she was unable to speak for 3 years! Despite her unthinkable setbacks, Frenita was determined to be successful and raise her son as a single mom. Unfortunately she didn’t have the traditional degree or experience necessary in the business world and knew she had to have an open mind and consider alternative options. She came to understand that network marketing could lead her to financial independence and that is what led her path to cross ours. And so the journey ensued.

Eventually we all had to walk away from this company, which we could have never imagined doing. We all spent the next 20 plus years pursuing a variety of endeavors and working with multiple companies. Some of these were things we did individually, but mostly we found a way to reconnect and do them together. I can tell you that Joe, Frenita and I are very loyal people (sometimes too loyal) and it was never our intention to leave any company we worked with. We would have been happy to stay with one company our entire careers. However, circumstances, disappointments and mostly misaligned philosophies, views and perspectives pushed us to, let’s just say…change. We have said for many years, “It’s okay to change; change is part of life. But don’t quit, don’t give up on your goals and dreams”. Change is not quitting; it’s finding a different path and course to get to your ultimate destination.

So here we were, July 2018; facing, perhaps, our biggest letdown yet and the possibility of having to look for another new opportunity. Now I know this is going to sound cliché, but we all strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. And while you may not always know the answer or reason in the timeframe you hope for, it always becomes crystal clear when it’s meant to.

So we stopped and reflected and decided it was time for a change. But not just a change in “company”, but a change in the way we’ve been doing business. We not only felt like it was time to be in control of our own future and to have something that was truly solid that we could count on for a lifetime but, even more importantly, something we would love to do, that made us “Feel Great”. Something where we could minimize or eliminate the things we didn’t like or enjoy doing and create something fresh, new and innovative; and something we believed millions of others would embrace and appreciate.

At the same time, while all of these revelations and ideas were occurring, a few key people stepped forward and said the magic words…”We will handle the corporate side of the business and will develop a quality team to handle all aspects of the operation.” With that being said, we knew we had all the components of having a “Great” company! 

So the next step in preparing for the future of the Feel Great Company was simply asking, “What is truly important to people? What will make people Feel Great?” We believed that would have to include freedom of choice, control of time and life, being healthy (physically, mentally, socially, financially) and, most importantly, being happy.

Sounds great; so how do we deliver that? Well first we had to be dedicated to finding the very best products…and boy were we dedicated. It took us over a year and several formulators to release our first product, Feel Great H2Oh! It’s awesome! We have since released our Feel Great CBD line of products and Feel Great Health Benefits. All these products meet our Feel Great Promise of bringing diverse products and services that bring value, quality and a great feeling that impact your home, health, body, mind, finances and life. Of course, we have many more products to come!

Since an essential part of Feel Great is giving people an opportunity for control of their lives, we had to make sure there was no pressure, no quotas, no end-of-month scrambles, no ranks or titles, no forced purchasing, no initial enrollment fee, no mandatory daily or weekly scheduled group meetings or conference calls to attend and no 3-way calls. If you didn’t have to do these things, would you Feel Great?

For us, the answer was a resounding YES! We were tired of the same old industry standards and status quo; and that’s why we invented and created a new industry known as Alternative Incentive Marketing (AIM) (Learn about AIM under The Running Game tab). This new model for doing business is our combined 75+ years of experience, learning what is valuable, sensible, doable and fun…and leaving out the rest.

So at the Feel Great Company, it’s all about Feeling Great! Therefore, we put great products in your hands to share, provide an electrifying “collegiate” team dynamic that you can be a part of and a financial opportunity that is literally a fun and competitive game you play that puts you in control and rewards your efforts. As we like to say, “Run your race at your pace”.

The Feel Great Company keeps it simple: Offer “Great” products that people enjoy using and are passionate about sharing. Build a friendly, fun and energized team culture that supports, coaches and encourages all of its customers and Runners to be the best they can be. And for those interested in passive, effortless income and financial control, play the Marathon Game, which focuses on acquiring and retaining individuals and families who love to purchase and use our products and services in exchange for excellent earning potential.

Only two more very important things! At The Feel Great Company, we have a strict and firm stance as to what we believe in and who we are committed to working with. It’s all about doing the right thing, which includes integrity, honesty, professionalism, compassion and respectfulness. Those are things essential to our core philosophies and will allow us to be a long-term, sustainable and welcoming organization.

The second thing is our Feel Great Moments Foundation. While our foundation is about providing Feel Great moments for individuals and/or organizations, we are also extremely dedicated to young people; they truly are our future. Stay tuned for the launch of our School of Life programs and our Camp For Life summer camp. This will be one of Feel Great’s defining roles in our communities across the country and around the world.

So that’s the Feel Great story! And while Frenita, Joe and I don’t know if you will run with us or not, we hope, at the very least, you enjoy our Feel Great products and services as well as our Feel Great messages. We will take great pride in knowing we’ve done our job when people say, “This is a company that really makes you Feel Great!” And that’s something that will make us Feel Great!

We Run As One!

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