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Gregg Amerman
Beginning his quest for a better way of life and financial freedom in his mid-twenties and achieved overwhelming success by his early thirties. He attributes his achievements to the tremendous personal growth he experienced while being tutored and coached by some of the most respected and successful individuals in business and personal success.

However, Gregg’s accomplishments did not occur overnight. There were many obstacles, adversities, trials and tribulations along the way. But he never wavered from his goals and dreams, graduating from the “school of hard knocks” with a wealth of knowledge and documented, personal success.

Gregg spent 30 years in sales, management and sales training and built, trained and managed sales forces with revenues exceeding $100 million. During his tenure with these companies, he was a top producer, breaking many sales records along the way. His unique style of selling, motivating and coaching prompted numerous companies to utilize Gregg’s training programs and has helped people across the country increase revenue and productivity. He has received numerous accolades for his leadership and outstanding achievement. In addition, Gregg has directed several companies as CEO and served as a consultant to many successful businesses. He has also personally coached high level executives, business owners, entertainers and professional athletes in all major sports.

Gregg’s greatest asset is his ability to relate and communicate with people from all walks of life. His honest, down-to-earth style is stimulating, invigorating, and entertaining, and assures tremendous retention for everyone. He attributes his effective communication skills to his understanding of people. With a degree in Psychology, he went on to become a Foster Care Social Worker in New York City where he worked diligently to help people overcome their personal issues and self-imposed limitations, motivating families to rebuild their futures.

Joe Locke

Growing up in Salisbury, MA, Joe Locke’s parents stressed the importance of education and had high hopes that he would follow in his father's footsteps of attending Boston College. However, that plan changed because Joe felt there was something much bigger out there for him. So, he decided to move clear across the country to Southern California, ready and eager to find opportunity.

While Joe took to the sun and fun of the west coast very well, the most significant thing that happened to him was his introduction to the direct selling industry. Joe got so excited and motivated by what he saw that he spent the next ten plus years working diligently to become not only one of the top producers in the company but also solidifying himself as one of their very best sales trainers. It was evident that Joe's real passion was for training, coaching and helping people to grow both financially and personally.

Joe has since trained hundreds of thousands of individuals in the direct selling industry, as well as private corporations, generating remarkable success story after success story of people who continually credit Joe for their success.

Finally, not only does Joe possess the documented success and experience, but his unique talent of combining education and entertainment makes him a natural fit for the Feel Great Company. Gregg Amerman, our Co-Founder says, “Joe was born to be a trainer. It’s in his blood and we are proud to have him on our team and helping us wake people up one person at a time!”

Jill Halbreich

At an early age, Jill knew that her dreams would span the globe. Her parents taught her the value of a good education and she is proud to be the first college graduate in her family. After pursuing her degree in fashion design and merchandising, she wanted to have an occupation that would combine her creative talents with her love of people. 

Jill began her career working as a fashion stylist for feature films and television, rapidly developing a celebrity clientele. However glamorous it appeared on the outside, this industry proved to be unstable and not as fulfilling as she had dreamed. It was not long before she realized that to have the income, freedom and lifestyle she truly desired, she needed to go in a different direction.

While exploring new opportunities, she had a chance meeting with Gregg Amerman, who showed her how she could take control of her life, time and income by becoming an Entrepreneur. After that conversation, she took the steps necessary to get started. Displaying an extremely strong work ethic, along with her dedication to the trainings and system, Jill was able to transition into a full time Entrepreneur in her first year of business.

After some time, her ambitions and commitment to personal development led her to consistently be a top leader and producer. Having established herself as a successful female Entrepreneur, Jill is one of our most experienced Coaches. Her attention to detail, effective teaching skills, and passion for working with people make her trainings very powerful. She is excited to be a part of The Feel Great Company training team, helping others to achieve their Feel Great life.

Darrel Gentry

As a young adult, Darrel Gentry, like many young people, made some unwise choices creating challenges for himself. Through that process, Darrel learned some very valuable lessons that motivated him to change his life. He began a career starting at the bottom of a well-known national men’s retailer and ultimately climbed the company ladder to that of a store manager.

Although he produced over 200 million dollars in revenue over a 16-year period, Darrel felt unappreciated, underpaid and frustrated. He was open and ready for a change and that’s when he was exposed to the possibilities of being an Entrepreneur and pursuing an opportunity in the direct selling industry. In addition, he was introduced to the trainings and teachings of Gregg Amerman and Joe Locke, and those experiences led him to building a very successful nationwide organization and business.

Eventually he became a top earner, which allowed him to walk away from his corporate job and become a full time Entrepreneur. Today Darrel loves his new role as an Entrepreneurs International Trainer and his humble, down-to-earth style enables him to effectively relate to all of the Entrepreneurs he is training.

Darrel appreciates this opportunity and is very passionate about helping as many people as possible reach their personal and financial goals. Darrel and Mary have been married for 17 years and live in San Antonio, Texas with their 3 teenage boys. The Gentry family participates in a variety of sporting activities and enjoy traveling and vacationing.

Warren Bauerfeld

Warren Bauerfeld possessed a strong entrepreneurial spirit at a very young age and at 25, he started his first business. In addition, he became a real estate investor and over the years has built a real estate portfolio that still stands strong today, not only as a source of income, but also as a strong financial asset.

Warren had a consistent drive to always be in control of his time, his future and his finances and as a true Entrepreneur, he continued to look to diversify his opportunities, especially if it could provide him a strong residual income. So when Warren was introduced to the concept of Network Marketing, it just made sense to him and like everything else he’s done in the past, he committed to doing whatever it took to succeed.

Along with his wife Sue, they began attending the Secrets of Success trainings as well as every advanced training program they could possibly go to, enabling them to do very well for themselves as top producers and earners in this industry for quite some time. Warren’s greatest trait is his desire to learn and he remains a hungry student that is extremely dedicated to his own personal growth and self-development.

Warren is proud and thankful to be a part of the Feel Great team and enjoys an incredibly close relationship with all of the other Trainers. He is a very talented, skilled and experienced Trainer and his years of business expertise and success, combined with his compassion and heart for people, is what makes Warren valuable to all Runners that attend his trainings.

Mike Miller

Mike Miller was born in the Island of Jamaica, West Indies, where he spent his first two years of college pursuing a degree in Zoology, and then later switching to Accounting and Business Administration. After graduating and possessing a strong entrepreneurial drive and aptitude, he began buying and selling cars, which led to the start of a car rental and tour company. With hard work and Mike’s humble, jovial and personable interaction with staff and customers, the company blossomed into one of the most successful on the Island.

However, in 1988 after suffering extreme losses due to a major hurricane in Jamaica and a decline in the economy, Mike migrated to the United States with his family for a fresh start. He truly believed, “Where there is a will, winners find a way”. For over a decade, he worked for a large Wall Street company and then worked for a local HUD agency that provided homeownership counseling and federal grants. Things were finally looking up again as he invested in several rental properties, only to be dealt another devastating blow when the real estate market collapsed, leaving him in financial distress.

But Mike’s persistence and entrepreneurial attitude picked him right back up, leading him back to the network marketing industry; except this time, as fate would have it, Mike began attending the Secrets of Success trainings and all of the other highly advanced trainings. It wasn’t long before he and his wife Lorna were Season Pass Holders and top producers. Under the mentorship of Gregg Amerman, Mike proved to be a very talented Trainer, as well as being one of the most passionate and heartfelt individuals you will ever meet.

Mike remains eternally grateful for Mr. Amerman’s leadership, and because of his genuine love for people and the strong desire to see them succeed, he is extremely excited to be part of The Feel Great Academy training team of professionals and to give back to the training system that has given so much to him.

Michael Johnson

10 years ago, Michael Johnson was a college dropout, working part-time in retail. He disliked the lack of control in his life and schedule and knew he had the potential for more, but wasn't in the right place to realize it.

Late in 2009, he was introduced to entrepreneurship through network marketing. But not having any business training or experience, he struggled to have success for the first few years, until being introduced to training systems by Gregg Amerman and Joe Locke. After attending numerous trainings, he learned how to grow successful businesses and lead people.

Today, he and his wife Ashley have several successful businesses within multiple industries. More importantly, he learned how to teach others how to be successful, and has joined the Feel Great training team to help people run their race and achieve their goals. Michael and Ashley are based in the St. Paul, MN area and are very involved in their church, as well as their businesses, and like to travel often with friends and family.

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