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SECTION 5 – OPERATING AN INDEPENDENT FEEL GREAT COMPANY BUSINESS 5.1 BUSINESS ENTITIES 5.1.1 Changes to a Business Entity 5.1.2 Change of Personal Enrollment 5.1.3 Multiple Agreements 5.2 UNAUTHORIZED CLAIMS AND ACTION 5.2.1 Indemnification 5.2.2 Endorsement of The Feel Great Company Services 5.3 CONFLICTS 5.3.1 Non-solicitations 5.3.2 Sale Of Competing Goods Or Services 5.3.3 Targeting Other Direct Sellers Or Affiliate Marketers 5.3.4 Privacy and Confidentiality 5.3.5 The Data Management Rule 5.4 CROSS ENROLLMENT 5.5 GOVERNMENTAL APPROVAL OR ENDORSEMENT 5.6 IDENTIFICATION 5.7 INCOME TAXES 5.8 INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR STATUS 5.9 COMMISSION BUYING 5.10 ONE FEEL GREAT COMPANY RUNNER PER PERSON AND MARRIED COUPLE 5.11 SUCCESSION 5.12 SALE, TRANSFER, OR ASSIGNMENT OF A The Feel Great Company BUSINESS 5.12.1 Conditions of Transferability 5.12.2 Circumvention of Policies 5.13 SEPARATION OF A The Feel Great Company BUSINESS 5.13.1 VOLUNTARY RESIGNATION 5.14 ENROLLING 5.15 POSITIONING AS AN INVESTMENT 5.16 CREDIT CARD RESTRICTIONS 












1.1 - Code of Ethics The Feel Great Company (hereafter “FGC” or “the Company”) is a values-based company that prides itself on the quality, integrity, responsibility, professionalism, and character of its Independent Sales Representatives (hereinafter “Runner”). The following guidelines help ensure a uniform standard of excellence throughout our organization. Every FGC Runner is expected to practice the following ethical behavior when acting in the name of the company: 

A. I will be respectful of every person I meet while doing FGC related business. B. At all times I will conduct myself and my business in an ethical, moral, legal, and financially sound manner. C. I will not engage in activities that would bring disrepute to FGC, any FGC corporate officer or employee, myself, or other Runners. D. I will not make any comments, communications, or representations that reasonably could be viewed as intended to be threatening, violent, intimidating, malicious, discriminatory. discouraging, disparaging, belittling, or demeaning claims toward other FGC Runners, FGC Customers, and/or Employees of the FGC. I will ensure that in all FGC business dealings I will refrain from engaging in negative language. I will refrain from making any type of slanderous statements intended to harm a FGC Runner, FGC Customer, or FGC Employees reputation. Or any communications that contribute to a volatile, hostile, or unprofessional environment.  E. I will provide support and encouragement to my Customers to ensure that their experience with FGC is a successful one. I understand that it is important to provide follow-up service and support to my personally enrolled Runners. F. I will correctly represent all the income incentive plans available through FGC and the income potential represented therein. I understand I may not use my own income as an indication of others’ potential success, or use compensation checks as marketing materials. G. I will abide by all of FGC's Policies & Procedures now and as they may be amended in the future. 


At The Feel Great Company, our first priority is to provide a Feel Great experience for our customers, runners, employees and all other people we interact with in our communities and the world we live in. We don’t believe someone can feel great in an environment that tolerates compromised integrity or ethics rather than promoting goodwill and good business practices. Therefore, The Feel Great Company has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy as it pertains to intentional infractions of our Feel Great Commandments.

These 7 commandments come with the understanding that any individual, regardless of status, title or position, that is found to be in breach of these commandments, will not be met with a warning, but with immediate dismissal from any and all involvement with The Feel Great Company.

1. Knowingly stealing of customers or runners or theft of any kind.

2. Knowingly lying, misleading or manipulating FGC executives, staff, customers or runners.

3. Sexual misconduct of any kind.

4. Inappropriate and abusive disrespect of FGC executives, staff, customers or runners.

5. Malicious intent manipulation of the FGC income incentive program.

6. Malicious intent and abuse of recognition, edification and authority.

7. Consciously and/or maliciously misrepresenting the Feel Great (FG) brand through inappropriate conduct and ethics.

In addition, any and all benefits earned will be forfeited from that point forward. Please respect our unwavering desire for creating a culture and environment that includes everyone who wants to Feel Great by being a great human being!


As you set out to achieve the milestones you have set for yourself, please remember to hold yourself accountable to an extremely high standard of excellence. While your entrepreneurial endeavor or job performance will be met with financial rewards, the more important element of excellence we are expecting is that of professionalism, appropriateness, humility, teamwork, a great attitude and compassion for others. Please take pride and pleasure in adhering to our Code of Honor and know that it is these foundational principles that will allow us all to succeed, prosper and Feel Great about our long-term future.

1. If it doesn’t Feel Great…don’t do it!

2. We don’t care how much business you do…we care about how you do business!

3. Treat others how you want to be treated.

4. Offer a Feel Great experience to everyone you meet.

5. Do the right thing…it’s not that hard!

1.2 - Policies Incorporated Into the Runner Agreement These Policies and Procedures (“Policies”), in their present form and as amended at the sole discretion of FGC, are incorporated into, and form an integral part of, the FGC Runner Agreement (hereafter “Runner Agreement”). Throughout these Policies, when the term “Agreement” is used, it collectively refers to the FGC Runner Agreement, these Policies, and the FGC Income Incentive Plan. These documents are incorporated by reference into the Runner Agreement (all in their current form and as amended by FGC). It is the responsibility of each Runner to read, understand, adhere to, and ensure that he or she is aware of and operating under the most current version of these Policies. When personally enrolling a new Runner, it is the responsibility of the enrolling Runner to provide the most current version of these Policies and Procedures prior to his or her execution of the Runner Agreement. 

1.3 - Changes to the Runner Agreement, Policies and Procedures, or Income Incentive Plan Because federal, state, and local laws, as well as the business environment, periodically change, FGC reserves the right to amend the Agreement and the prices in its FGC Product Price List in its sole and absolute discretion. Notification of amendments shall appear in Official FGC Materials. Amendments shall be effective upon publication in Official FGC Materials, including but not limited to, posting on FGC's website, email distribution, publication in FGC newsletter, product inserts, or any other commercially reasonable method. The continuation of a Runner’s FGC business or a Runner’s acceptance of bonuses or commissions constitutes acceptance of any and all amendments. 

1.4 - Delays FGC shall not be responsible for delays and failures in performance of its obligations when performance is made commercially impracticable due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control. This includes, without limitation, strikes, labor difficulties, riot, war, fire, flood, death, curtailment of a party’s source of supply, or government regulations. 

1.5 – Policies and Provisions Severable If any provision of the Agreement, in its current form or as may be amended, is found to be invalid, or unenforceable for any reason, only the invalid portion(s) of the provision shall be severed and the remaining terms and provisions shall remain in full force and effect and shall be construed as if such invalid, or unenforceable provision never comprised a part of the Agreement. 

1.6 – Waiver The Company never gives up its right to insist on compliance with the Agreement and with the applicable laws governing the conduct of a business. No failure of FGC to exercise any right or power under the Agreement or to insist upon strict compliance by a Runner with any obligation or provision of the Agreement, and no custom or practice of the parties at variance with the terms of the Agreement, shall constitute a waiver of FGC's right to demand exact compliance with the Agreement. Waiver by FGC can be effectuated only in writing by an authorized officer of the Company. 


2.1 - Requirements to Become a Runner To become a FGC Runner, each applicant must: 

A. Be of the age of majority in his or her state of residence; B. Reside in the United States or other countries, which have been officially opened by FGC; C. Submit a properly completed and signed Runner Agreement to FGC via electronically or fax. D. No initial fee, charge or purchase is required to become a Runner.

2.2 - New Runner Registration by the Internet and Facsimile A prospective Runner may self-enroll digitally. In such an event, instead of a physically signed Runner agreement, FGC will accept the agreement by accepting the “electronic signature” stating the new Runner has accepted the terms and conditions of the Runner Agreement. Please note that such electronic signature constitutes a legally binding agreement between the Runner and FGC. Faxed agreements must include all pages of the Runner Agreement. 

2.3 - Runner Benefits Once a Runner Agreement has been accepted by FGC, the benefits of the Income Incentive Plan and the Runner Agreement are available to the new Runner. These benefits include the right to: 

A. Sell FGC services; B. Participate in the FGC Income Incentive Plan (receive bonuses and commissions, if eligible); C. Personally enroll other individuals as customers or Runners into the FGC and thereby put themselves in a position to earn commissions through the FGC Income Incentive Plan; D. Receive periodic FGC literature and other FGC communications; E. Participate in FGC-sponsored support service training, motivational and recognition functions; and F. Participate in promotional and incentive contests and programs sponsored by FGC for its Runners. F. No Exclusive Territories: No franchise is granted and there are no exclusive territories for sales or sponsoring purposes. No geographical limitations exist on spon­soring or selling within the United States; provided, however, the Company re­serves the right not to sell product or services or contract with Runners in specified states / provinces within the United States.


In an effort to conduct best business practices, FGC has developed the Income Disclosure Statement (“IDS”). The FGC IDS is designed to convey truthful, timely, and comprehensive information regarding the income that FGC Runners earn. In order to accomplish this objective, a copy of the IDS must be presented to all prospective Runners. A copy of the IDS must be presented to a prospective Runner (someone who is not a party to a current FGC Runner Agreement) anytime the Income Incentive Plan is presented or discussed, or any type of income claim or earnings representation is made. 

The terms “income claim” and/or “earnings representation” (collectively “income claim”) include: (1) statements of average earnings, (2) statements of non-average earnings, (3) statements of earnings ranges, (4) income testimonials, (5) lifestyle claims, and (6) hypothetical claims. Examples of “statements of non-average earnings” include, “Our number one Runner earned over a hundred thousand dollars last year” or “Our average Runner makes five thousand per month.” An example of a “statement of earnings ranges” is “The monthly income for our higher Runners is five thousand dollars on the low end to ten thousand dollars a month on the high end.” 

In any meeting that is open to the public in which the Income Incentive Plan is discussed or any type of income claim is made, you must provide every prospective Runner with a copy of the IDS. A copy of the IDS can be found at: www.feelgreatcompany.com 


4.1 - Adherence to the FGC Income Incentive Plan. Runners must adhere to the terms of the FGC Income Incentive Plan as set forth in Official FGC Materials. Runners shall not offer the FGC opportunity through, or in combination with, any other system, program, or method of marketing other than that specifically stated in Official FGC Materials. Runners shall not require or encourage other current or prospective customers or Runners to participate in FGC in any manner that varies from the program as set forth in Official FGC Materials. Runners shall not require or encourage other current or prospective customers or Runners to execute any agreement or contract other than official FGC agreements and contracts in order to become an FGC Runner. Similarly, Runners shall not require or encourage other current or prospective customers or Runners to make any purchase from, or payment to, any individual or other entity to participate in the FGC Income Incentive Plan other than those purchases or payments identified as recommended or required in Official FGC Materials. 

4.2 - Use of Sales Aids To promote the trainings, products, coaching and the opportunity FGC offers, Runners must use the sales aids and support materials produced by FGC. If FGC Runners develop their own sales aids and promotional materials (which includes Internet advertising), notwithstanding Runners’ good intentions, they may unintentionally violate any number of statutes or regulations affecting a FGC business. These violations, although they may be relatively few in number, could jeopardize the FGC opportunity for all Runners. Accordingly, Runners must use only those sales aids, promotional materials, advertisements, websites and other literature produced by the Company in connection with any FGC Business. All requests for waivers or exceptions to allow the use of Runner developed sales aids or promotional materials shall be deemed denied. All Runners shall safeguard and promote the good reputation of FGC and its services. The marketing and promotion of FGC, the FGC opportunity, the Income Incentive Plan, and FGC's services shall be consistent with the public interest, and must avoid all discourteous, deceptive, misleading, unethical or immoral conduct or practices. 

4.3 - Intellectual Property FGC will not allow the use of its trade names, trademarks, designs, or symbols outside of corporate produced and approved sales aids by any person, including FGC Runners. Furthermore, no Runner may use, publish, reproduce, advertise, sell, or display in any manner the name, picture or likeness, or voice of another Runner without prior written consent from the named Runner. This consent must be on file with FGC's Compliance department prior to any use. 

4.4 – Web Policy If a Runner desires to utilize an Internet web page to promote his or her opportunity, he or she may do so through with the Company approval only. See Section 13 of this document. A Runner can advertise on the Internet and personalize their presence with Runner’s message and Runner's contact information. These websites, landing pages, etc. must be Company-approved before having a presence on the Internet. No Runner may independently design a website that uses the names, logos, or product descriptions of FGC or otherwise promotes (directly or indirectly) FGC's services or the FGC opportunity without prior company approval. 

4.5 - Domain Names and Email Addresses Runners may not use or attempt to register or sell any of FGC trade names, trademarks, service names, service marks, product names, or any derivative thereof, for any internet domain name or email address. 

4.6 - Advertised Price You may not advertise any of FGC products or trainings at a price different from the company published price of the equivalent product and trainings. No special enticement advertising is allowed. This includes but is not limited to offers of free membership or other such offers that grant advantages beyond those available through the Company. 

4.7 - Generic Business Advertisements A. No advertisement may imply that a job, position, salary, or any type of employment is allowed. B. No advertisement may promote, represent, or imply salaried positions, management positions, hourly wages, full or part-time employment, or guaranteed incomes. The FGC opportunity is not a job, and may not be presented as such. Terms such as “manager trainee,” “management positions available,” “travel provided,” “call for interview,” “positions available,” “now hiring,” and other misleading statements are not allowed. C. No specific income can be promised or implied, and any references to compensation must use the word “commissions” to indicate the independent contractor status of Runners. D. Advertisements may not contain references to FGC or its services and may not use any of FGC's trademarks or trade-names. Any requests for variances from the above rules must be submitted to FGC and approved in writing prior to publication. Please direct any inquiries to support@feelgreatcompany.com, or by fax at (866) 610-5447. 

4.8 - Media and Media Inquiries Runners must not initiate any interaction with the media or attempt to respond to media inquiries regarding FGC, its services, or their independent FGC business. All inquiries by any type of media must be immediately referred to FGC's Corporate office. This policy is designed to ensure that accurate and consistent information is provided to the public, as well as a proper public image. 

4.9 - Unsolicited Email And Fax Communication FGC does not permit Runners to send unsolicited emails unless such emails strictly comply with applicable laws and regulations, including, without limitation, the federal CAN SPAM Act. Any email sent by a Runner that promotes FGC, the FGC opportunity, or FGC's services, must comply with the following: 

A. There must be a functioning return email address to the sender. B. There must be a notice in the email that advises the recipient that they may reply to the email, via the functioning return email address, to request that future email solicitations or correspondence not be sent to him or her (a functioning “opt-out” notice). C. The email must include the Runner’s physical mailing address. D. The email must clearly and conspicuously disclose that the message is an advertisement or solicitation. E. The use of deceptive subject lines and/or false header information is prohibited. F. All opt-out requests, whether received by email or regular mail, must be honored. If a Runner receives an opt-out request from a recipient of an email, the Runner must forward the opt-out request to the Company. FGC may periodically send commercial emails on behalf of Runners. By entering into the Runner Agreement, Runner agrees that the Company may send such emails and that the Runner’s physical and email addresses will be included in such emails as outlined above. Runners shall honor opt-out requests generated as a result of such emails sent by the Company. Except as provided in this section, Runners may not use or transmit unsolicited faxes or use an automatic telephone dialling system relative to the operation of their FGC businesses. 

4.10 - Trademarks Companies name trademarks, service marks and copyrighted materials are owned by the Company. The use of such marks and materials must be in strict compli­ance with these Policies and Procedures.

4.11 - Advertising & Promotional Materials Only the promotional and advertising materials produced by Company or ap­proved in advance in writing by Company may be used to advertise or promote a Runner's business or to sell products and services of Company. Company's litera­ture and materials may not be duplicated or reprinted without the prior written permission.

4.12 - Use Of Company Name Runners may use the name of Company only in the following format: “Independent Runner for The Feel Great Company”.

4.13 - Stationery & Business Cards Runners are not permitted to “create” their own stationery, business cards or letterhead graphics, if Company's trade name or trademarks are used. Only the approved Company's graphics version and wording are permitted; letterhead, envelopes and business cards must be ordered using the online/stationery order form.

4.14 - Electronic Advertising Runners may not advertise or promote their Runner business or Company's business, products or marketing plan or use Company's name in any elec­tronic media or transmission, including on the Internet via web sites or oth­erwise, without the prior written approval of Company's legal department.

4.15 - Telephone Listing Runners are not permitted to use Company's trade name in advertising their telephone and telecopy numbers in the white or yellow page sections of the telephone book. Runners are not permitted to list their telephone num­bers under Company's trade name without first obtaining Company's prior written ap­proval. If approval is granted for an “800” listing, it must be stated in the following manner: “Independent Runner for Company”.

4.16 - Telephone Answering Runners may not answer the telephone by saying “The Feel Great Company,” or in any other manner that would lead the caller to believe that he or she has reached the offices of the Company.

4.17 - Imprinted Checks Runners are not permitted to use Company trade names or any of its trade­marks or service marks on their business or personal checking accounts.

4.18 - Media Interviews Runners are prohibited from granting radio, television, newspaper tab­loid or magazine interviews or using public appearances, public speaking engagements, or making any type of statement to the public media to pub­licize the Company, its products or Company businesses, without the express prior written approval of the Company. All media inquiries should be in writing and referred to the Company's corporate office, legal department.

4.19 - Endorsements No endorsements by a Company officer or administrator or third party may be asserted, except as expressly communicated in Company literature and com­munications. Federal and state regulatory agencies do not approve or en­dorse direct selling programs. Therefore, Runners may not represent or imply, directly or indirectly, that Company's programs, products or services have been approved or endorsed by any governmental agency.

4.20 - Recordings Runners may not produce or reproduce for sale or personal use prod­ucts sold by Company or any Company-produced literature, audio or video material, pre­sentations, events or speeches, including conference calls. Video and/or au­dio taping of Company meetings and conferences is strictly prohibited.

4.21 - Repackaging Prohibited Runners may not repackage products or materials of the Company.

4.22 - Independent Communications Runners, as Independent Sales Representatives, are encouraged to distribute information and direction to their respective Downlines. However Runners must identify and distinguish between personal communications and the official communications of Company.


5.1 - Business Entities A corporation, partnership or trust (collectively referred to in this section as a “Business Entity”) may apply to be an FGC Runner by submitting an FGC Runner Application and Agreement along with its Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, Partnership Agreement or trust documents (these documents are collectively referred to as the “Entity Documents”) to FGC. An FGC business may change its status under the same personal enrollment from an individual to a partnership, corporation or trust, or from one type of entity to another. To do so, the Runner(s) must provide the Entity Documents to FGC. The Runner Application must be signed by all of the shareholders, partners or trustees. Members of the entity are jointly and severally liable for any indebtedness or other obligation to FGC. 

5.1.1 - Changes to a Business Entity Each Runner must immediately notify FGC of any changes to the type of business entity they utilize in operating their FGC business, and the addition or removal of business associates. An FGC business may change its status under the same sponsor from an individual to a partnership, corporation or trust, or from one type of entity to another. The Runner Agreement form must be signed by all of the shareholders, partners, or trustees. Members of the entity are jointly and severally liable for any indebtedness or other obligation to FGC. 

5.1.2 - Change Of Personal Enrollment To protect the integrity of our marketing organization and safeguard the hard work of all Runners, FGC rarely allows changes in who they are personally enrolled by. However, there may be an unusual exception and therefore a change request must be made by submitting a completed Personal Enrollment Change Request Form within a seven (7) day period from the date of enrollment, and must be submitted by the current listed personal enroller. In addition, if a Runner wishes to change their personal enroller, he or she must resign as a Runner, forfeiting all legal rights to that Affiliate position and cannot become a new Runner again for a period of 2 years. At the end of the 2-year period, the Runner can complete a new Runner agreement. After review of the agreement, the Corporate Office can approve or deny this application. 

5.1.3 - Multiple Agreements If an applicant submits multiple Runners which list different spon­sors, only the first completed Agreement received by Company will be ac­cepted.

5.2 - Unauthorized Claims and Action 

5.2.1 - Indemnification A Runner is fully responsible for all of his or her verbal and/or written statements made regarding FGC trainings and the Income Incentive Plan, which are not expressly contained in Official FGC Materials. Runners agree to indemnify FGC and hold it harmless from any and all liability including judgments, civil penalties, refunds, attorney fees, court costs or lost business incurred by FGC as a result of the Runner’s actions. This provision shall survive the cancellation of the Runner Agreement.

Each and every Runner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Company, its shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents and successors in in­terest from and against any claim, demand, liability, loss, cost or expense including, but not limited to, court costs and attorneys' fees, asserted against or suffered or incurred by any of them, directly or indirectly arising out of or in any way related to or connected with allegedly or otherwise, the Runners (a) activities as Runner; (b) breach of the terms of the Agreement; and/or (c) violation of or failure to comply with any applicable federal, state or local law or regulation.

5.2.2 – Endorsements of FGC's Services No claims as to any services, products, trainings offered by FGC may be made except those contained in Official FGC Materials. 

5.3 - Conflicts 

5.3.1 – Non-solicitations FGC Runners are free to participate in other business ventures or marketing opportunities. However, during the term of this Agreement, Runners may not directly or indirectly recruit other FGC Runners or Customers other than those they have personally enrolled. Following the cancellation of a Runner Agreement, and for a period of one (1) calendar year thereafter, with the exception of a Runner who is personally enrolled by the former Runner, a former Runner may not recruit any FGC Runner or Customer for another Marketing or Affiliate business. 

5.3.2 - Sale of Competing Goods or Services Runners must not sell, or attempt to sell, any competing non-FGC programs to FGC Customers or Runners. Any program, product, training, or direct selling opportunity in the same generic categories as the FGC's programs are deemed to be competing, regardless of differences in cost, quality or other distinguishing factors. Runner’s cannot personally profit by selling or promoting any products, services or programs to any existing FGC customers or Runners. 

5.3.3 - Targeting Other Direct Sellers Or Affiliate Marketers Should Runners engage in solicitation and/or enticement of members of another direct sales or affiliate company to sell or distribute FGC's services, they bear the risk of being sued by the other sales company. If any lawsuit, arbitration, or mediation is brought against a Runner alleging that they engaged in inappropriate recruiting activity of its sales force or Customers, FGC will not pay any of Runner’s defense costs or legal fees, nor will FGC indemnify the Runner for any judgment, award, or settlement. 

5.3.4 - Privacy and Confidentiality All Runners are required to abide by the Company’s Privacy Policy with regard to Runner and customer information. 

5.3.5 - The Data Management Rule The Data Management Rule is intended to protect the Personal Enrollment Information (PFGC) for the benefit of all Runners, as well as FGC. The FGC PFGC constitutes a commercially advantageous, unique, and proprietary trade secret (Proprietary Information), which it keeps proprietary and confidential and treats as a trade secret. FGC is the exclusive owner of all Proprietary Information, which is derived, compiled, configured, and maintained through the expenditure of considerable time, effort, and resources by FGC and its Runners. Through this Rule, Runners are granted a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable right by FGC to use Proprietary Information only as necessary to facilitate their business as contemplated under these Policies and Procedures. The Company reserves the right to deny or revoke this right, upon reasonable notice to the Runner stating the reason(s) for such denial or revocation, whenever, in the reasonable opinion of FGC, such is necessary to protect the confidentiality or value of Proprietary Information. All Runners shall maintain Proprietary Information in strictest confidence, and shall take all reasonable steps and appropriate measures to safeguard Proprietary Information and maintain the confidentiality thereof.

5.4 - Cross Enrollment Actual or attempted cross-group enrollment is strictly prohibited. “Cross-group enrollment” is defined as the enrollment, indirect or otherwise, of an individual or entity that already has a current customer number or Runner Agreement on file with FGC, or who has had such an agreement within the preceding twenty-four (24) calendar months, within a different personal enroller. The use of a spouse’s or relative’s name, trade names, DBAs, assumed names, corporations, partnerships, trusts, Federal Tax Identification Numbers or fictitious identification numbers to circumvent this policy is prohibited. This policy shall not prohibit the transfer of a FGC business in accordance with the “Sale, Transfer or Assignment of FGC Business” section of these Policies and Procedures. 

5.5 – Governmental Approval or Endorsement Neither federal nor state regulatory agencies nor officials approve or endorse any direct selling or affiliate programs. Therefore, Runners shall not represent or imply that FGC or its Income Incentive Plan have been “approved,” “endorsed,” or otherwise sanctioned by any government agency. 

5.6 – Identification All Runners are required to provide their Social Security Number or Federal Employer Identification Number to FGC by submitting a completed W-9 form. Without the completion and submissions of this form no commissions will be released to you. 

5.7 - Income Taxes Every year, FGC will provide an IRS Form 1099 MISC (Non-employee Compensation) earnings statement to each U.S. resident as required by the Internal Revenue Service. Each Runner is responsible for paying local, state and federal taxes on any income generated as a Runner. 

5.8 - Independent Contractor Status You are an independent contractor. You are not an employee, partner, or joint venture with the Company. You may not represent yourself as anything other than an Independent Runner. You have no authority to bind FGC to any obligation. You are responsible for paying your own self-employment taxes, federal income taxes and other taxes required by law. You must obey any federal, state, and local laws, as well as Company rules and regulations pertaining to your independent FGC Business or the acquisition, receipt, holding, selling, distributing or advertising of FGC's trainings or opportunity. Runners may not answer the telephone by saying “FGC,” “FGC Incorporated,” or by any other manner that would lead the caller to believe that they have reached FGC's corporate offices. A Runner may only represent that he/she is a FGC Runner. Therefore, all correspondence and business cards relating to or in connection with a Runner’s FGC business shall contain the Runner’s name followed by the term “Independent Entrepreneur.” 

5.9 - Commission Buying Paying for sales of products and/or trainings for other Runners solely for the purpose of collecting commissions is prohibited. 

5.10 - One FGC Runner Per Person and Married Couple A Runner may operate or have an ownership interest, legal or equitable, as a sole proprietorship, partner, shareholder, trustee, or beneficiary, in only one FGC Affiliate Business. No individual may have, operate or receive compensation from more than one FGC business. Individuals of the same family unit (except for spouses) may each enter into or have an interest in their own separate FGC Affiliate business, however if FGC becomes aware that the only reason for enrollment was to manipulate the income incentive plan, FGC will have grounds to terminate the agreements of both Runner’s that conspired in this act. 

5.11 - Succession Upon the death or incapacitation of a Runner, their business may be passed to a designated heir(s). Appropriate legal documentation must be submitted to the Company to ensure the transfer is proper. Whenever a FGC business is transferred by a will or other testamentary process, the beneficiary acquires the right to collect all bonuses and commissions of the deceased Runner’s marketing organization provided the following qualifications are met. The successor(s) must: 

● Execute a Runner Agreement; • Comply with terms and provisions of the Agreement; • Meet all of the qualifications for the deceased Runner’s rank/status; 

● Provide FGC with an “address of record” to which all bonus and commission checks will be sent. Bonus and commission checks of a FGC business transferred pursuant to this section will be paid in a single check jointly to the successor(s). 

● Form a business entity and acquire a federal Taxpayer Identification Number, if the business is bequeathed to joint successors. FGC will issue all bonus and commission checks and one 1099 to the business entity. 

5.12 - Sale, Transfer, or Assignment of a FGC Business Although an FGC business is a privately owned, independently operated business, the sale, transfer or assignment of a FGC business is subject to certain limitations. If a Runner wishes to sell their FGC business, the following criteria must be met: A. Protection of the existing personal enrollment must always be maintained so that the FGC business continues to be operated in that line of enrollment; B. The buyer or transferee must become a qualified FGC Runner. If the buyer is an active FGC Runner, they must first terminate their FGC business and wait 12 calendar months before acquiring any interest in the new FGC business; C. Before the sale, transfer, or assignment can be finalized and approved by FGC, any debt obligations the selling Runner has with FGC must be satisfied; and D. The selling Runner must be in good standing and not in violation of any of the terms of the Agreement in order to be eligible to sell, transfer, or assign a FGC business. Prior to selling a FGC business, the selling Runner must notify FGC's Compliance department of their intent to sell the FGC business. No changes in the personal enrollment line can result from the sale or transfer of a FGC business. A Runner may not sell, transfer, or assign portions of their business—the position must be sold in its entirety.

5.12.1 - Conditions of Transferability Runners may not sell, assign, merge or transfer his or her Runner entity (or rights thereto) without the prior written approval of Company and com­pliance with the following conditions:

Company possesses the right of first refusal with respect to any sale, assign­ment, transfer or merger of any Runner entity. A Runner wishing to sell, assign, transfer or merge his or her Runner entity must first provide the Company with the right and option to make such a purchase or receive such transfer in writing on the same terms and conditions as any outstanding or intended offer. Company will advise the Runner within ten (10) business days after re­ceipt of such notice of its decision to accept or reject the offer. If Company fails to respond within the ten (10) day period or declines such offer, the Runner may make the same offer or accept any outstanding offer which is on the same terms and conditions as the offer to Company to any person or entity who is not Runner, married to, or a dependent of Runner or who has any interest in Runner;

An office administration transfer fee of $100.00 must accompany the transfer documents; The documents must contain a covenant made by the selling Runner for the benefit of the proposed purchaser not to compete with the purchaser or attempt to divert or sponsor any existing Runner for a pe­riod of one (1) year from the date of the sale or transfer; Upon a sale, transfer or assignment being approved in writing by Company, the buying Runner must assume the position and terms of agreement of the selling Runner and must execute a current Agreement and all such other documents as required by Company; and Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to stipulate additional terms and conditions prior to approval of any proposed sale or transfer. The Company re­serves the right to disapprove any sale or transfer, where allowed by law.

5.12.2 - Circumvention of Policies If it is determined, at the Company's sole discretion, that the Runner entity was transferred in an effort to circumvent compliance with the Agreement, the Policies and Procedures, Terms and Conditions or the Income Incentive Plan, the transfer will be de­clared null and void. The Runner entity will revert back to the transfer­ring Runner, who will be treated as if the transfer had never occurred from the reversion day forward. If necessary and at Company's sole discretion, ap­propriate action, including, without limitation, termination, may be taken against the transferring Runner to ensure compliance with the Policies and Procedures and Terms and Conditions.

5.13 - Separation of an FGC Business FGC Runners sometimes operate their FGC businesses as husband-wife partnerships, regular partnerships, corporations, or trusts. At such time as a marriage may end in divorce or a corporation, partnership, or trust (the latter three entities are collectively referred to herein as “entities”) may dissolve, arrangements must be made to assure that any separation or division of the business is accomplished so as not to adversely affect the interests and income of other businesses. If the separating parties fail to provide for the best interests of other Runners and the Company in a timely fashion, FGC will involuntarily terminate the Runner Agreement. 

During the divorce or entity dissolution process, the parties must adopt one of the following methods of operation: A. One of the parties may, with consent of the other(s), operate the FGC business pursuant to an assignment in writing whereby the relinquishing spouse, shareholders, partners, or trustees authorize FGC to deal directly and solely with the other spouse or non-relinquishing shareholder, partner, or trustee. B. The parties may continue to operate the FGC business jointly on a “business-as-usual” basis, whereupon all compensation paid by FGC will be paid according to the status quo as it existed prior to the divorce filing or dissolution proceedings. This is the default procedure if the parties do not agree on the format set forth above. The Company will never remove a party to a position from a Runner account without that party’s written permission and signature. Under no circumstances will the organization of divorcing spouses or a dissolving business entity be divided. Under no circumstances will FGC split commission and bonus checks between divorcing spouses or members of dissolving entities. FGC will recognize only one Runner organization and will issue only one commission check per FGC business per commission cycle. Commission checks shall always be issued to the same individual or entity. In the event that parties to a divorce or dissolution proceeding are unable to resolve a dispute over the disposition of commissions and ownership of the business in a timely fashion as determined by the Company, the Runner Agreement shall be involuntarily cancelled. If a former spouse has completely relinquished all rights in the original FGC business pursuant to a divorce, they are thereafter free to enroll under any FGC Partner of their choosing without waiting twenty-four (24) calendar months. In the case of business entity dissolutions, the former partner, shareholder, member, or other entity affiliate who retains no interest in the business must wait 24 calendar months from the date of the final dissolution before re-enrolling as a Runner. In either case, however, the former spouse or business affiliate shall have no rights to any Runners in their former organization or to any former customer. They must develop the new business in the same manner as would any other new Runner. 

5.13.1 - Voluntary Resignation Runner may voluntarily terminate his or her Runner status by failing to renew or by sending thirty (30) days written notice of such resignation or termination to the Company. Voluntary resignation is effective upon receipt of such notice by the Company. Runner who resigns or terminates their Runner status may reapply as Runner, twelve (12) months after resignation.

5.14 - Enrolling All Active Runners in good standing have the right to personally enroll others into FGC. Each prospective customer or Runner must in all fairness and professional business practices enroll with the Runner that exposed him or her to the opportunity or the offerings of FGC. If two Runners claim to be the personal enroller of the same new Runner or customer, the Company shall hear the stories of each Runner and make a determination at its discretion. 

5.15 – Positioning as an Investment Success in FGC requires hard work, dedication and good sales skills. Compensation is directly tied to the personal achievement of each Runner. Positioning the FGC platform or opportunity as a passive investment program is inaccurate and strictly forbidden. If these claims are ever made, disciplinary actions will be immediately taken. 

5.16 – Credit Card Restrictions Runners are strictly forbidden from processing credit card transactions on behalf of any FGC member, Partner or Customer. Unauthorized credit card transactions will be deemed fraudulent and be handled expeditiously. 


6.1 - Change of Address, Telephone No., Email Address To ensure timely communications, delivery of support materials and commission checks, it is critically important that the FGC's files are current. Runners planning to move or change their email address must submit an amended Runner Agreement complete with the new information. 

6.2 – Personal Enrolling Runner Responsibilities 

6.2.1 – Initial Training Any Runner who sponsors another Runner into FGC must perform a bona fide assistance and training function to ensure that their new FGC Partner is properly operating their FGC business. Runners must provide the most current version of the Policies and Procedures, the Income Disclosure Statement, and Income Incentive Plan to individuals whom they are sponsoring to become Runners before the applicant signs a Runner Agreement. 

6.2.2 – Ongoing Training Responsibilities Runners must monitor their personally enrolled Runners to ensure that they do not make improper product or business claims, or engage in any illegal or inappropriate conduct. Upon request, every Runner should be able to provide documented evidence to FGC of their ongoing fulfillment of the responsibilities of a Personal Enroller. 

6.2.3 – Training Programs FGC maintains a strict stance regarding policies and procedures as they relate to training to protect the name and integrity of FGC and its business model, our core philosophical beliefs, and to further protect the Runner’s from any misleading or mistaken information that could be delivered from unreliable sources. 

FGC supports the practice of training events, such as Business Presentations, Saturday Trainings, or other evening trainings. These are valuable educational tools when held properly, with both professionalism and integrity, and held within the parameters of the policies and procedures within FGC's Independent Representative’s Terms and Conditions. The true intent of such events should be to provide further education on the FGC Partner Affiliate Program and to gain knowledge on how to be successful within this business endeavor. 

Under no circumstances are these events or any other type of FGC meeting / training sessions intended to produce income to those who are sponsoring or conducting the event. 

Any Runner found hosting, promoting or encouraging other FGC Independent Sales Representatives to attend any type of unauthorized event or training program will be considered in violation of FGC Policies and Procedures. Anyone conducting events within the guidelines of FGC's training policies, but who is utilizing and or selling materials (brochures, CD’s, DVD’s, websites or any other type of electronic or printed marketing material, or materials utilizing the name or likeness of FGC for a fee, will be considered in violation of FGC's policies and procedures. 

6.3 – Non-disparagement Runners must not disparage, demean, or make negative remarks about FGC, other FGC Runners, FGC's services, the Income Incentive Plan, or FGC's owners, board members, directors, officers, or employees. 

6.4 - Reporting Policy Violations Runners observing a Policy violation by another Runner should submit a written report of the violation directly to the attention of the FGC Compliance department at support@feelgreatcompany.com, complete with all supporting evidence and pertinent information. It is important to understand that information that is submitted will be kept confidential. 

6.5 - Confidentiality Agreement During the term of the Agreement, Company may supply to Runners con­fidential information, including, but not limited to genealogical and Downline reports, customer lists, customer information developed by Company or devel­oped for and on behalf of Company by Runners (including, but not limited to, credit data, customer and Runner profiles and product purchase infor­mation), Runner lists, manufacturer and supplier information, business reports, commission or sales reports and such other financial and business information which Company may designate as confidential. All such information (whether in written or electronic format) is proprietary and confidential to Company and is transmitted to Runners in strictest confidence on a “need to know” basis for use solely in Runners business with Company. Runners must use their best efforts to keep such information confidential and must not dis­close any such information to any third party, or use this information for any non-company activity directly or indirectly while a runner and thereafter.

Runners must not use the information to compete with Company or for any purpose other than promoting Company's program and its products and services. Upon expiration, non-renewal or termination of the Agreement, Runners must discontinue the use of such confidential information and promptly return any confidential information in their possession to the Company.

6.6 - Copyright Restrictions With respect to product purchases from Company, Runners must abide by all manufacturers' use restrictions and copyright protections.

6.7 - Vendor Confidentiality Company's business relationships with its vendors, manufacturers and suppli­ers are confidential. Runners must not contact, directly or indirectly, or speak to, or communicate with any supplier or manufacturer of Company except at Company sponsored events at which the supplier or manufacturer is present at the request of Company.


7.1 - Billing There are products in the FGC system that require a monthly financial commitment. These subscription fees are automatically renewed each month with a credit or debit card maintained on file with FGC. The Runner may either update these terms in their online back office or contact the corporate office to change the settings for their monthly subscription. 


8.1 - General Terms Included in this section is the separate FGC Refund Policy found on the Runner’s website. FGC offers no refunds on any of it’s trainings or memberships unless a formal request is made within three (3) business days of purchase. Runners or customers may cancel at any time and incur no future charges or can maintain a credit for use for future trainings and products. 

A Runner receives bonuses and commissions based on the actual sales of products and trainings to end consumers. If a customer or a Runner is exacted a refund in a rare occasion or charges back on their credit card, the bonuses and commissions attributable to the loss of funds by the company will be deducted from the Runner who received bonuses or commissions on such sales. Deductions will occur in the month in which the refund is given and continue every pay period thereafter until the commission is recovered. 

In the event that a Runner terminates his or her position, and the amounts of the bonuses or commissions attributable to the refunded services have not yet been fully recovered by FGC, the remainder of the outstanding balance may be offset against any other amounts that may be owed by FGC to the terminated distributor. 

8.2 - Retail Customer Guarantee Runner offers a thirty (30) day, 100% money-back, and satisfaction guarantee to all retail customers. If a retail customer is dissatisfied with any product for any reason, then the retail customer may return that product in its origi­nal package and shipping container to the Runner who sold the product within thirty (30) days of purchase, for either replacement or a full refund of the purchase price. All other warranties and guarantees are disclaimed.

8.3 - Warranties Except as expressly stated herein, Company makes no warranty or representa­tion as to the merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, workmanship or any other warranty concerning any product or service purchased from or through Company.

8.4 - Return Policies To return products you must obtain a return merchandise authorization (RMA) and return the products within 7 days after you receive the RMA. Company will refund the original purchase price of products, and related sales taxes. SHIPPING & HANDLING FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PRODUCTS UNTIL Company RECEIVES THEM. YOU WILL BE CHARGED A RESTOCKING FEE OF 10% TO RETURN PRODUCTS. Returned products must be in the same condition as you received them. THIS RETURN POLICY IS NOT A WARRANTY.

NOTE: Company will not accept for return any products you purchased from a Reseller. In order to properly process a refund or exchange, Runners must fol­low the steps and conditions set forth below:

All returns to Company must be accompanied by:

  • A signed statement from the retail customer identifying the rea­son for the return;
  • A copy of the original retail sales receipt; and
  • The name, address and telephone number of the retail customer
  • Company will prepay the cost of shipping the replacement product(s).

Runner request for refund may, at company's option, be treated as a termination of the Runnership.

8.5 - Buyer’s Right To Cancel Federal law grants a buyer the right to cancel certain sales without penalty prior to midnight of the third business day after the transaction. This rule covers retail consumer sales of $25.00 or more that occur away from the seller's main office. Runners must orally inform the buyer of the three-day right to cancel at the time the buyer purchases the goods and deliver 2 three-day cancellation notices to every customer.


9.1 - Bonus and Commission Qualifications In order to qualify to receive commissions and bonuses, a Runner must be in good standing and comply with the terms of the Agreement and these Policies and Procedures. A Runner will qualify to receive commissions and bonuses each time they generate a personal sale. A Runner will receive commissions and bonuses from their FGC business in accordance with the FGC Income Incentive Plan.

9.2 - Errors or Questions If a Runner has questions about or believes any errors have been made regarding commissions or bonuses or charges, the Runner must notify FGC in writing within 30 days of the date of the purported error or incident in question. FGC will not be responsible for any errors, omissions, or problems not reported to the Company within 30 days. 

9.3 – Bonus & Commission Buying Strictly Prohibited This type of action is strictly and absolutely prohibited. This action includes: (a) the enrollment of individuals or entities without the knowledge of and/or execution of a Runner Agreement by such individuals or entities; (b) the fraudulent enrollment of an individual or entity as a Runner or Customer; (c) the enrollment or attempted enrollment of non-existent individuals or entities as Runners or Customers (“phantoms”); (d) purchasing FGC services on behalf of another Runner or Customer, or under another Runner’s or Customer’s Affiliate position, to qualify for commissions or bonuses; and/or (f) any other mechanism or artifice to qualify for any incentives, prizes, commissions, or bonuses that is not driven by bona fide product or training purchases by end user consumers. 

9.4 - Reports All information provided by FGC, including but not limited to personal sales (or any part thereof), and personal enrollment activity is believed to be accurate and reliable. Nevertheless, due to various factors including but not limited to the inherent possibility of human and mechanical error; the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of orders; denial of credit card and electronic check payments, a Runner whose Runner Agreement is cancelled shall receive commissions and bonuses only for the last full pay period he or she worked prior to cancellation (less any amounts withheld during an investigation preceding an involuntary cancellation). A FGC participant has a right to cancel at any time, regardless of reason. Cancellation must be submitted in writing to the Company at its principal business address, or via email to FGC. 

9.5 - Stockpiling Prohibited The success of the Company depends on retail sales to the ultimate consumer; there­fore all forms of stockpiling are prohibited. Company recognizes that Runners may wish to purchase certain products for their own use. However, the Company strictly prohibits the purchase of products in unreasonable amounts and prohibits the purchase of products only or primarily to qualify for compensation.

9.6 - Retail Sales Rules Runners must save a copy of the Retail Sales Slip given to retail customers; receipt shall be fully completed and in­clude the name, address and phone number of each retail customer and, upon request by Company, provide copies of such receipts to Company. If Company deter­mines that retail sales were not actually made, the Runner must repay Company all commissions earned during the calendar period in which the retail sales were to have been made.

9.7 - Over 70% Rule In order to receive commissions and overrides, Runners must certify on each product order form that they have sold over seventy percent (70%) in dollar value of all products and commissionable services previously purchased by the Runner at wholesale from the company, to Non-Runner consumers. Runners shall maintain retail sales records available to the company for inspection on request.

9.8 - Ordering Methods All orders submitted to Company shall have the Runner Identification Num­ber placed thereon to assist Company in crediting the appropriate Runner..

9.9 - Payment Options Purchases may be paid by debit card or major credit card. The Runner and retail customers are responsible for paying the costs of any returned checks plus an administrative fee charged by the Company, which fee may change at any time based on past payment history of the customer. If an underpayment is made, the order will not be processed until the full amount is received by the Company. If an overpayment is made, the Company will process the order and issue a credit to Runner's account, which will automatically refund on the next commission check paid to Runner. Orders will not be processed if cancellation of a credit card is made. Orders for products are not effective until accepted by the Company. To expedite shipping, Runners may authorize the Company to keep a valid credit card on file as security for payment. Overdue amounts will accrue interest at the annual rate of 18% or at a high­er if permitted by law.

9.10 - Shipping And Handling Policy Subject to availability all products will be shipped by USPS or other similar service within ap­proximately three (3) business days of receipt of payment. Payment for prod­ucts shall be made at time of order. At Runner's option, the prod­uct may be shipped to a customer's designated “Ship-To address”, or to the Runner.

9.11 - Product Delivery Upon clearance of payment, the products and materials ordered will be shipped.

9.12 - Backorder Policy Company will expeditiously ship all products currently in stock. Any out-of-stock items (unless discontinued) will be placed on back order and dis­tributed upon the Company receiving additional inventory. Runners will be charged and granted commissions on back ordered items once they are shipped unless notified of the discontinuance of such product. Back orders may be cancelled upon Runner's request and will create a credit on the Runner's account.

9.13 - Damaged Goods The shipping company is responsible for any damage that occurs after it takes physical custody of the products. A Runner who receives damaged goods should follow this procedure: Accept delivery; Before the driver leaves, document on the delivery receipt the num­ber of boxes which seem to be damaged and have the driver acknowledge the damage in writing; Save the damaged products or boxes for inspection by the shipping agent; Make an appointment with the shipping company to have the dam­aged goods inspected, and call the Company Customer Service Department.

9.14 - Shipping Loss In the event Runner or a consumer does not receive a prod­uct order from Company in a timely fashion, the individual should contact the Sales Department at The Feel Great Company.

9.15 - Refused Shipments Should Runner refuse delivery on any order he or she has placed with Company and such product is subsequently returned to Company; Company shall have the right to place that Runner on suspension pending resolution of the refusal of delivery. Neither Runner nor a consumer shall refuse any ship­ment from the Company unless prior approval of Company has been obtained.

9.16 - Pricing Policy Company will furnish Runners with a discount from its published retail prices in its then current consumer catalog or order form in accordance with its policies. This discount does not apply to literature, business aids, gifts or special promotional items. Prices for Company's products, services and literature are subject to change without prior notice.

9.17 - Receipts Runners must provide all retail purchasers of the Company's products with writ­ten, emailed or printed receipts.

9.18 - Retail Pricing Company provides a suggested retail price as a guideline.

9.19 - Promotional Items All promotional items which bear Company name or logo must be purchased solely from Company unless prior written permission is obtained from Company.

9.20 - Sales Tax The Company may collect sales tax on taxable items. Runners may be responsible to collect and remit sales tax on personal retail sales to the appropriate tax agencies.

9.21 - Place of Sale A Company Runner shall not cause any Company product or service or any Company trade name to be sold or displayed in retail establishments, except;

(a) Where professional services are the primary source of revenue and the product sales are secondary (e.g., doctor’s offices, clinics, health clubs, spas and beauty salons); and

(b) Where the retail establishment is owned or managed by the Company Runner and the store does not exceed $1 million in annual gross revenue, and there are five (5) or fewer stores under common ownership of management without express written consent of the Company.

(c) A Runner may sell Company products and services and display the Company trade name at any appropriate display booth (such as trade shows, expositions, conferences etc.) with the express written consent of the Company.

(d) A Runner or Customer is prohibited to sell Company products and services and display the Company trade name, trademark or service mark at any kiosk or booth located in any retail establishment, such as a mall or retail facility.

(e) Company reserves the right to refuse authorization to participate at any function that it does not deem a suitable forum for the promotion of its products and services, or the Company opportunity.

9.22 Product & Services Claims Runners may make no claim, representation or warranty concerning any product or service of Company, except those expressly approved in writing by Company or contained in official Company materials.

9.23 Fax Blasts, Spamming Fax blasting, robo-calling and unsolicited e-mailing (SPAMMING) is prohibited.


10.1 - Disciplinary Sanctions Violation of the Agreement, these Policies and Procedures, violation of any common law duty, including but not limited to any applicable duty of loyalty, any illegal, fraudulent, deceptive, or unethical business conduct, or any act or omission by a Runner that, in the sole discretion of the Company, may damage its reputation or goodwill (such damaging act or omission need not be related to the Runner’s FGC business), may result, at FGC's discretion, in one or more of the following corrective measures: 

● Issuance of a written warning or admonition; • Requiring the Runner to take immediate corrective measures; • Imposition of a fine, which may be withheld from bonus and commission checks; • Loss of rights to one or more bonus and commission checks; 

● Withholding from a Runner all or part of the Runner’s bonuses and commissions during the period that FGC is investigating any conduct allegedly contrary to the Agreement. If a Runner’s business is cancelled for disciplinary reasons, the Runner will not be entitled to recover any commissions withheld during the investigation period; 

● Suspension of the individual’s Runner Agreement for one or more pay periods; 

● Involuntary termination of the offender’s Runner Agreement; 

● Any other measure expressly allowed within any provision of the Agreement or which FGC deems practicable to implement and appropriate to equitably resolve injuries caused partially or exclusively by the Runner’s policy violation or contractual breach; 

● Instituting legal proceedings for monetary and/or equitable relief. Each violation is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and all disciplinary actions are at the sole discretion of FGC. 

10.2 - Mediation Prior to instituting legal action, the parties shall meet in good faith and attempt to resolve any dispute arising from or relating to the Agreement through non-binding mediation. One individual who is mutually acceptable to the parties shall be appointed as mediator. If the parties cannot agree on a mediator within ten days, the parties will use a mediator appointed by Stephen P. Fuller, and such mediator will not have legal conflicts between the parties. The mediator’s fees and costs, as well as the costs of holding and conducting the mediation, shall be divided equally between the parties. Each party shall pay its portion of the anticipated shared fees and costs at least ten (10) days in advance of the mediation. Each party shall pay its own attorneys fees, costs, and individual expenses associated with conducting and attending the mediation. Mediation shall be held in Forsyth County, Georgia, and shall last no more than two (2) business days. 

10.3 – Legal Process If mediation is unsuccessful, any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the Agreement, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by confidential arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association under its Commercial Arbitration Rules, and judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Additionally, you agree not to initiate or participate in any class action proceeding against FGC, whether in a judicial or mediation or arbitration proceeding, and you waive all rights to become a member of any certified class in any lawsuit or proceeding. Furthermore, Runners waive all rights to trial by jury. 

If the parties cannot agree to an arbitrator within ten days, the parties will use an arbitrator appointed by Stephen P. Fuller, and such arbitrator will not have legal conflicts between the parties. All arbitration proceedings shall be held in Forsyth County, Georgia. There shall be one arbitrator, an attorney at law, who shall have expertise in business law transactions with a strong preference being an attorney knowledgeable in the Direct Selling and/or Affiliate Marketing industry, selected from the panel which the American Arbitration Panel provides. Each party to the arbitration shall be responsible for its own costs and expenses of arbitration, including legal and filing fees. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties and may, if necessary, be reduced to a judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction. This agreement to arbitration shall survive any termination or expiration of the Agreement. 

Nothing in these Policies and Procedures shall prevent FGC from applying to and obtaining from any court having jurisdiction a writ of attachment, a temporary injunction, preliminary injunction, permanent injunction, or other relief available to safeguard and protect FGC's interest prior to, during, or following the filing of any arbitration or other proceeding or pending the rendition of a decision or award in connection with any arbitration or other proceeding. 

10.4 - Governing Law, Jurisdiction, and Venue Jurisdiction and venue of any matter not subject to arbitration shall reside exclusively in Forsyth County, Georgia. The Federal Arbitration Act shall govern all matters relating to arbitration. The laws of Georgia shall govern all other matters relating to or arising from the Agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, and the arbitration provision in this Agreement, residents of the State of Louisiana shall be entitled to bring an action against FGC in their home forum and pursuant to Louisiana law.


11.1 - Effect of Cancellation and Termination So long as a Runner remains active and complies with the terms of the Runner Agreement and these Policies, FGC shall pay commissions to such Runner in accordance with the Income Incentive Plan. A Runner’s bonuses and commissions constitute the entire consideration for the Runner’s efforts in generating sales and all activities related to generating sales (including, but not limited to, building a team of personally enrolled Runners). Following a Runner’s non-continuation of his or her Runner Agreement, cancellation for inactivity, or voluntary or involuntary cancellation (termination) of his or her Runner Agreement (all of these methods are collectively referred to as “Cancellation”), the former Runner shall have no right, title, claim or interest to the organization which he or she operated, or any commission or bonus from the sales generated by the organization. Runners waive any and all rights, including, but not limited to, property rights, in the personally enrolled Runners which they may have had. Following a Runner’s cancellation of his or her Runner Agreement, the former Runner shall not hold him or herself out as a FGC Runner and shall not have the right to sell FGC products or trainings. A Runner whose Runner Agreement is cancelled shall receive commissions and bonuses only for the last full pay period he or she worked prior to cancellation (less any amounts withheld during an investigation preceding an involuntary cancellation). A FGC participant has a right to cancel at any time, regardless of reason. Cancellation must be submitted in writing to the Company at its principal business address, or via email to FGC. The written notice must include the Runner’s signature, printed name, address, and Runner ID Number. 

11.1.1 - Reapplication The acceptance of any reapplication of a terminated Runner or the application of any family member of a terminated Runner shall be at the sole discretion of the Company and can be denied.

11.2 - Non-Renewal Runners that fail to maintain any personal sales, including personal orders, personal customer orders, personal Loyalty Reward Orders and personal customer Loyalty Reward Orders for a consecutive period of 30 days or more are considered “Inactive” for purposes of bonus calculations and affiliate website activation. Runners have 12 months from the date of inactivity to reengage and successfully make sales. After 12 months have elapsed, the Runner’s position in the company will no longer be available for reactivation. 


12.1 - Processing Charge Company reserves the right to institute a processing charge for commission checks and/or genealogy requests.

12.2 - Other Services & Products Runners may not promote or sell another company's products or ser­vices at functions organized to feature Company's products. Runners are not restricted from selling other company's services and products which are not similar to or competitive with the products and services of the Company. How­ever, promotion of competitive services, products and/or business programs with anyone, including Runners, is strictly prohibited.

12.3 - Liability To the extent permitted by law, Company shall not be liable for, and each Runner releases Company from, and waives all claims for any loss of profits, indi­rect, direct, special or consequential damages or any other loss incurred or suffered by Runner as a result of (a) the breach by Runner of the Agreement and/or the Terms and Conditions and/or the Policies and Procedures; (b) the operation of Runner's business; (c) any incorrect or wrong data or information provided by Runner; or (d) the failure to provide any information or data necessary for Company to operate its business, including, with­out limitation, the enrollment and acceptance of Runner into the Com­pensation Plan or the payment of commissions and bonuses.

12.4 - Recordkeeping Company encourages all Runners to keep complete and accurate records of all their business dealings.

12.5 - Force Majeure Company shall not be responsible for delays or failure in performance caused by circumstances beyond a party's control, such as but not limited to: fire, flood, earthquake, storm, power outages, labor difficulties, strikes, war, government decrees or orders and/or curtailment of a party's usual source of supply.

12.6 - Violations It is the obligation of every Runner to abide by and maintain the in­tegrity of the Policies and Procedures and Terms and Conditions. If Runner observes another Runner committing a violation, he or she should discuss the violation di­rectly with the violating Runner. If the Runner wishes to report such violation to Company, he or she must detail violations in writing only and mark the correspondence “Attention: Legal Department”.

12.7 - Amendments Company reserves the right to amend the Agreement, Policies and Procedures, Terms and Conditions, its retail prices, product and service availability and the Compensa­tion Plan type at any time without prior notice as it deems appropriate. Amend­ments will be communicated to Runners through the official Company website and or official Company publications. Amendments are effective and binding upon submission to the Company website. In the event any conflict exists between the original documents or policies and any such amendment, the amendment will control.

12.8 - Entire Agreement The Policies and Procedures are incorporated into the Agreement and, along with the Terms and Conditions and Income Incentive Plan, constitute the entire agreement of the parties regarding their business relationship.


12.10 - Notice Any communication, notice or demand of any kind whatsoever which either the Runner or Company may be required or may desire to give or to serve upon the other shall be in writing and delivered by electronic commu­nication whether by telex, telegram, Email or telecopy (if confirmed in writ­ing sent by registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, return receipt re­quested). Any such communication, notice or de­mand shall be deemed to have been given or served on the date of confirmed dispatch, if by elec­tronic communication, or on the date shown on the return receipt or by other evidence if delivery is by mail.

12.11 - Testimonial Permission By agreeing to the Company Runner Agreement, a Runner gives Company permission to use his or her testimonial or image and likeness in corporate sales materials, including but not limited to print media, electronic media, audio and video. In consideration of being allowed to participate in the Company Business Opportunity, a Runner waives any right to be compensated for the use of his or her testimonial or image and likeness even though Company may be paid for items or sales materials containing such image and likeness, and represents that any testimonial represents Runner’s current, original, honest opinion, thoughts, beliefs, findings or experiences, based on Runner’s actual experience with Company and any stated use of Company products and/or services, and agrees to notify Runner immediately of any changes in the views expressed in the testimonial. In some cases, a Runner’s testimonial may appear in another Runner’s advertising materials. If a Runner does not wish to participate in Company sales and marketing materials, he or she should provide a written notice to the Company Compliance Department to ensure that his or her testimonial or image and likeness will not be used in any corporate materials, corporate recognition pieces, advertising or recordings of annual events.


(a) A Runner and/or Customer is prohibited from creating or registering any third-party website in order to promote, sell or advertise their Company business or Company products without Company’s express written approval. A Runner and/or Customer is prohibited from using or attempting to register any of Company’s trade names, trademarks, service names, service marks, product names, URLs, advertising phrases, the Company logo or the Company name or any derivative thereof, for any purpose including, but not limited to, Internet domain names (URL), third party websites, e-mail addresses, web pages, or blogs.

(b) A Company Runner may not (directly or indirectly through any intermediary or instrumentality) advertise, offer for sale, or facilitate the offering for sale of any Company products or services or offer the Business Opportunity on any online auction websites, internet retailer sites, or online marketplace websites. Examples of such sites include, but are not limited to, eBay®, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Sears.com, Jet.com, Walmart.com, and Etsy. This obligation survives the termination of a Runner’s Agreement with the Company.

(c) Social Media sites may be used to advertise Company products or services. PROFILES A RUNNER OR CUSTOMER GENERATES IN ANY SOCIAL COMMUNITY WHERE COMPANY IS DISCUSSED OR MENTIONED MUST CLEARLY IDENTIFY THE RUNNER AS AN INDEPENDENT COMPANY RUNNER, and when a Runner and/or Customer participates in those communities, Runners and/or Customers must avoid inappropriate conversations, comments, images, video, audio, applications or any other adult, profane, discriminatory or vulgar content. The determination of what is inappropriate is at Company’s sole discretion, and an offending Runner and/or Customer will be subject to disciplinary action. Banner ads and images used on these sites must be current and must come from the Company approved library, official Company website or social media outlet. If a link is provided, it must link to the posting Runner’s Replicated website. Runners may not direct social media followers to any other website where Company products are sold on the Internet unless the website has been specifically approved in writing by Company as a third-party website where the Runner may offer Company products for sale.

(d) Anonymous postings or use of an alias on any Social Media site is prohibited, and offending Runners will be subject to disciplinary action.

(e) Runners and/or Customers may not use blog spam, spamdexing or any other mass-replicated methods to leave blog comments. Comments Runners or Customers create or leave must be useful, unique, relevant and specific to the blog’s article.

(f) Runners and/or Customers must disclose their full name on all Social Media postings, and conspicuously identify themselves as an Independent Company Runner for Company. Anonymous postings or use of an alias is prohibited.

(g) Postings that are false, misleading, or deceptive are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, false or deceptive postings relating to the Company income opportunity, Company’s products and services, and/or your biographical information and credentials.

(h) Runner and/or Customer are personally responsible for their postings and all other online activity that relates to the Company. Therefore, even if a Runner does not own or operate a blog or Social Media site, if a Runner and/or Customer posts to any such site that relates to Company or which can be traced to Company, the Runner is responsible for the posting. Runner and/or Customer are also responsible for postings which occur on any blog or Social Media site that the Runner and/or Customer owns, operates, or controls.

(i) As a Company Runner, it is important to not converse with any person who places a negative post against you, other Runners, or Company. Report negative posts to the Company at support@feelgreatcompany.com. Responding to such negative posts often simply fuels a discussion with someone carrying a grudge that does not hold themselves to the same high standards as Company, and therefore damages the reputation and goodwill of Company.

(j) The distinction between a Social Media site and a website may not be clear-cut, because some Social Media sites are particularly robust, Company therefore reserves the sole and exclusive right to classify certain Social Media sites as third-party websites which are herein prohibited.

(k) If your Company business is cancelled for any reason, you must discontinue using the Company name, and all of Company’s trademarks, trade names, service marks, and other intellectual property, and all derivatives of such marks and intellectual property, in any postings and all Social Media sites that you utilize. If you post on any Social Media site on which you have previously identified yourself as an Independent Company Runner, you must conspicuously disclose that you are no longer an Independent Company Runner.

(l) Failure to comply with these Policies for conducting business online may result in the Runner losing their right to advertise and market Company products, services and Company’s business opportunity online in addition to any other disciplinary action available under the Policies and Procedures.

(m) Runners are prohibited from selling Company products to individuals or entities that they know, or should know, intend to resell the products. Runners must sell Company products only to end user customers, and Runners shall not sell to any person any quantity of Company products greater than that generally purchased by an individual for personal use. Runners must take reasonable steps to ensure that they do not violate these prohibitions.


AGREEMENT: The contract between the Company and each Runner includes the Runner Agreement, the FGC Policies and Procedures, and the FGC Income Incentive Plan, all in their current form and as amended by FGC in its sole discretion. These documents are collectively referred to as the “Agreement.” 

CANCEL: The termination of a Runner’s business. Cancellation may be either voluntary, involuntary, or through non- renewal. 

INCOME INCENTIVE PLAN: The guidelines and referenced literature for describing how Runners can generate commissions and bonuses. 

CUSTOMER: A Customer who purchases FGC's trainings and does not engage in enrolling Runners or selling trainings. 

Runner: An individual who purchases trainings, generates sales, enrolls other Runners and is eligible to earn commissions. 

Personally Enrollment: Critical data relating to the identities of Runners, sales information, and enrollment activity of each Runner. This information contains confidential and trade secret information which is proprietary to FGC. 

ORGANIZATION: The Customers and Runners personally enrolled below a particular Runner. 

OFFICIAL FGC MATERIAL: Literature, audio or videos, and other digital materials developed, printed, published, and distributed by FGC to Runners. 

RECRUIT: For purposes of FGC's Conflict of Interest Policy, the term “Recruit” means the actual or attempted solicitation, enrollment, encouragement, or effort to influence in any other way, either directly, indirectly, or through a third party, another FGC Runner or Customer to enroll or participate in another direct sales or Affiliate opportunity. 

ENROLLER: A Runner who enrolls a Customer or another Runner into the Company, and is listed as the Enroller on the Runner Agreement. The act of enrolling others and training them to become Runners is called “enrolling.” 

ATOP: This term refers to the Runner or Runners above a particular Runner in an Enroller line up to the Company. It is the line of enrolled Runners that links any particular Runner to the Company. 

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