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Winning is about the right people moving collectively in unison towards a common goal. Dynasty winning is when you can sustain it year after year, until revered. A dynasty can only exist when you define your team culture.

The Feel Great team has a crystal clear vision as to what we are “cultivating” and the team members we are looking for.

Do you believe in team spirit, team energy, team chemistry, teamwork, team fun and team first?

Every person can play a role and make a difference; and when a group of people come together to combine their talents, abilities, dedication, commitment, belief, passion, desire and encouragement, anything is possible.

And that accomplishment ultimately Feels Great and is our Feel Great team culture!

If that sounds like a team you want to be a part of, then together, let’s run for fun, run for done and run for a Feel Great life!


The Feel Great Company is an enthusiastic, innovative and imaginative organization focusing on providing essential healthy, natural, high-quality products and services that are reasonably priced and make your home, health, body, mind, finances and life Feel Great. 

We view ourselves as partners with our customers, independent representatives and employees, as well as our community and our environment. 

We aim to become a worldwide recognizable brand, capitalizing on a newly modified approach to distribution. 

In addition, our most important mission is devoted to developing human potential through motivation, education, entertainment and enlightenment; ultimately helping people to achieve their own personal and professional Feel Great Life. 


At the Feel Great Company, our first priority is to provide a Feel Great experience for our customers, runners, employees and all other people we interact with in our communities and the world we live in.

We don’t believe someone can feel great in an environment that tolerates compromised integrity or ethics rather than promoting goodwill and good business practices.

Therefore, the Feel Great Company has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy as it pertains to intentional infractions of our Feel Great Commandments.

These 7 commandments come with the understanding that any individual, regardless of status, title or position, found to be in breach of these commandments, will not be met with a warning, but with immediate dismissal from any and all involvement with the Feel Great Company.

1.   Knowingly stealing customers or runners, or theft of any kind.

2.   Knowingly lying, misleading or manipulating FG executives, staff, customers or runners.

3.   Sexual misconduct of any kind.

4.   Inappropriate and/or abusive disrespect of FG executives, staff, customers or runners.

5.   Manipulation of the FG compensation program with malicious intent.

6.   Abuse of recognition, edification and authority with malicious intent.

7.   Consciously and/or maliciously misrepresenting the Feel Great brand through inappropriate conduct and ethics.

In addition, any and all benefits earned will be forfeited from that point forward.

Please respect our unwavering desire for creating a culture and environment that includes everyone who wants to Feel Great by being a great human being!


As you set out to achieve the milestones you have set for yourself, please remember to hold yourself accountable to an extremely high standard of excellence. 

While your entrepreneurial endeavor or job performance will be met with financial rewards, the more important element of excellence we are expecting is that of professionalism, appropriateness, humility, teamwork, a great attitude and compassion for others. 

Please take pride and pleasure in adhering to our Code of Honor and know that it is these foundational principles that will allow us all to succeed, prosper and Feel Great about our long-term future.

1. If it doesn’t Feel Great…don’t do it!

2. We don’t care how much business you do…we care about how you do business!

3. Treat others how you want to be treated.

4. Offer a Feel Great experience to everyone you meet.

5. Do the right thing…it’s not that hard!


It may sound cliché to say, “One team, One dream”, but our dream of building a Feel Great team to epic proportions can only become a reality if we are all working together synergistically. 

Even though it’s a marathon and we are all running our own individual race at our own individual pace, we are still following the same route, track and path. 

No shortcuts, no separation, no self-interest. We have never seen a championship team with two or more teams on the same team. 

That doesn’t even make sense. 

The Feel Great team has one road, one system, one philosophy, and we’re looking for individuals who appreciate standing as one and wanting to be one with Feel Great!

There is only one team here…The Feel Great Team!


Every great team has a rich tradition and defining characteristics they build upon and identify with. Our Feel Great team is no different and we look to the past at many special teams who’ve made history and still stand strong today. Amongst those iconic teams that many of you may already associate with and root for, they all have something in common--a mascot.

A mascot is a fun, exciting and cool representation of your team and reminds you of your team spirit and team values. The Feel Great Team is proud of our mascot…The Phoenix Bird!

The Feel Great Phoenix is a perfect symbolizer that we can all relate to and identify with. In life, we have all had instances, big or small, where we have “gone up in flames” only to rise up from the ashes to return to the race once again.

Our team mascot, The Feel Great Phoenix, has the focus, intensity and brightness of the sun, but also enjoys the relaxation, adventure and fun associated with it. You will see the Feel Great Phoenix represented in many forms, even live at our big events.

Don’t ever lose sight of the possibilities to fly high and look for the Feel Great Phoenix to lead us to incredible soaring heights!

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