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Ways to earn

Easy as 1, 2 and 3!
1. Retail Commissions
2. "Run For your Feel Great Marathon"
3. Runners Reward Club

Retail Commissions

The retail commission program is very simple and pays weekly. Any time a customer goes to your unique feelgreatcompany.com website and makes a one-time purchase, you receive a 20% commission.

Regardless of what products or services are purchased or the amount spent, you will earn a 20% commission.

If a customer decides to place an automatic recurring order, or Loyalty Reward Order (LRO), which they may want to do in order to receive free shipping and loyalty reward points for other cool features and benefits, then you receive a 10% commission instead of 20%.

While it may initially appear like you are losing out on 10%, you are actually gaining quite a bit more. First, you are gaining an ongoing loyal customer instead of a one-time order.

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Secondly, if you are also running in the Feel Great marathon, you are gaining an extra step for each LRO (steps explained in the Run For Your Feel Great Life Marathon section).

And thirdly, you will benefit in the powerful Runners Reward Club (explained in the section below) by accumulating personal Runners Rewards Club points. This is the best possible way to develop long-term recurring and residual revenue, which leads to a solid and stable financial future.

Run For Your Feel Great Life Marathon

Have you ever run a marathon? Was it 3 miles, 5, 10, 20 or an official marathon of 26.2 miles.

If you haven’t, we hope you’d agree that most of us are capable of running a marathon, as long as we were willing to physically train and mentally prepare for the challenge that would be in front of us. And how do you think it would feel to cross that finish line? It would be rewarding, exhilarating and make us Feel Great, wouldn’t it?

Welcome to the Feel Great marathon; the most original, innovative, fun and coolest way to earn income!

Just Like A Marathon…

- Your start will not determine your finish.
- How committed you are to training will determine how far and fast you will go.
- Most importantly, you get to determine what your goals are and what you ultimately want to achieve.

We are simply offering anyone who wants a Feel Great Life the chance to run for it.

There are no expectations, quotas, qualifications, timeframes, and there is no pressure.

Always remember this mantra, “Run your race, at your pace”.

It’s your life, it’s your time and it’s your future, so you should decide how you want to live it; and on the Feel Great Team, we simply want to coach, guide, encourage and support whatever race and pace you decide to run.

The uniqueness of this marathon is that there is no guessing or figuring out what you need to do or how much money you will make. All of the criteria and corresponding income is fixed from mile to mile.

Upon achieving a milestone bonus, it will be included in your weekly earnings. So if you just want to run one mile, you will earn $100; and if you want to run all 26 miles you will earn $100,000.

It’s just a matter of how long it will take you to run to the mile you want and how often you want to run it. Some people may run a few miles a week, a month or a year; while others may choose to run several marathons a year and some others may even have the desire to run a marathon a week.

Again, it’s your race to run at your pace.

One of the best parts of the marathon is its simplicity. Steps are acquired through products and services ordered.

Each mile is made up of a pre-determined number of required steps, with a minimum number of those steps coming from personal customers through your own sales efforts.

You can also choose to develop a team of runners to help contribute to your total steps but, keep in mind, there is a maximum number of allowable steps per personally enrolled runner available for use at each milestone.

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Review the Run For Your Feel Great Life Game Board for all the “Ready to Run” details. In addition, check out the entire compensation plan document for a complete descriptive breakdown of the full marathon program.

So if you are ready to run…lace ‘em up, step up to the line and start running!

And if you want to start fast, take advantage of the Sprint Start Bonus that allows you to double your milestone bonuses during your first 30 days! (Up to a maximum of mile 5).

Runners Reward Club

The Runners Reward Club is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind program designed for Feel Great Runners who are exceptional at accumulating Loyalty Reward Orders. These orders not only produce extra steps in the Feel Great Marathon, which help to trigger Milestone Bonuses, but also give you the chance to amass Runners Reward Points, which can be converted into an array of special, custom, unique, fun and life-changing rewards.

These items come in a range of cool smaller items, such as Feel Great clothing, sneakers and other custom Runners Reward Club only merchandise, all the way up to outrageous vacation getaways and trips. You can also save your points to get a new car or even take a significant lump sum amount of cash. The best part of this program is that you are in control! You decide what you want to use your points for. You can exchange them as you earn them or you can save them for as long as you like and redeem them when you earn enough to get something you have your eye on.

In addition to the opportunity to earn great rewards, there is also the chance to garner prestige along with exciting benefits and VIP treatment. As Runners ascend to higher-level point thresholds, they are awarded the elevated status of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium. These highly regarded honors will open doors to special events, parties, dinners and vacations. They will also offer priority and prime seating at training programs and events. In addition, these Runners will be included in the development of the Feel Great future.

The purpose of this program is to emphasize and accentuate the power of recurring and residual revenue. Who doesn’t want a lot more Rest, Relaxation and Retirement? And you do that by developing a lot more Recurring and Residual Revenue!

Make sure to read the complete details in the compensation plan document to learn how to accumulate your points and all the other nuances of the Runners Reward Club.

*The Runners Reward Club will officially launch when the Feel Great Company has accumulated 10,000 total Loyalty Reward Orders. (Runners will be accumulating their appropriate points during this process).

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